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The part privatelies run aviation school enrols be suspicious to nod heavy enter
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Two completely different private aviation schools, respective recruit students on propagandist book " elegant demeanour of obtain employment student " in one page, the name of a few graduate, photograph actually just the same! 27 days, the reader is informed against, be in Wuhan at present the pass away the sham as the genuine of school of a few private aviation of recruit students, many schools are hitting the cover of aviation unit to undertake recruit students.

According to the advertisement of a piece of newspaper, the reporter comes to edifice of Hubei science and education above all an office of 16 buildings, staff member introduction, this school is the aviation government institute of subordinate of a private university of Beijing, department run by the local people.

"Since be school of run by the local people, why is the advertisement of newspaper imprinting on conduct propaganda ' teach high vast equipment the word ' put on record date, is ' religion civilian vast equipment word ' put on record date? " the reporter asks. Opposite party is silent.

Subsequently, the reporter will to fierce of the road austral Wu Changzhong, Chinese mouth get the better of a few office building of the road, dark visited what 5 family property establish aviation school to be stationed in Chinese recruit students office. Reporter discovery, the action of school of some aviation of school of Heibei some aviation and BeijingIn giving birth to propagandist book, have 8 already the name of obtain employment student, photograph exactly like. In addition, the private aviation school that these the location of a school are in Beijing or Heibei, recruit students requirement is very low, graduation of junior high school is OK also enter a school, but annual tuition is in however 13 thousand - 23 thousand between. Its are in charge of average per capita admitting in Wuhan recruit students, student enters school hind, want to take national approbatory three-year institution of higher learning or undergraduate course diploma really, must enter oneself for an examination self-study exam or adult the university entrance exam, the ability after qualification takes diploma. But the obtain employment rate that they emphasize student consistently, say no matter take diploma,student enters school hind, OK obtain employment, because the school and home are famous,airline was built " good, lasting transportation cooperates relation " .

But the reporter understands from partial airline, airline did not assure any student at all can obtain employment.

The reporter sought advice from Beijing again relevant education personage, analysis of the other side, the private school that enrols empty elder sister, empty elder brother appears ceaselessly at present come, this and the action movie and TV that a large number of before a few years occurrence act art the school of student is same, primary purpose uses the psychology of follow the fashion of little male girl to make money namely. Actually, the subordinate aviation school of a little private university has recruit students aptitude far from, some is apply mechanically only the school name of regular school. Must teach through Beijing before student enter a school appoint wait for relevant section to undertake inquiring checking, lest by flicker.
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