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Flight academy obtains first air man to groom learn corrective type certificate
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On September 11, bureau of classics China civil aviation (Civil Aviation Administration Of China, the following abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) accredit, guo Weimin of director of management board of southwest of Chinese civil aviation grew Zheng Xiaoyong, secretary Zhu Yong to issue China to school of academy of flight of Chinese civil aviaton the 1st " civil aviation implement driver school. This action is indicating after experiencing 50 old construction to develop, air man of our country civil aviaton grooms the job is changed in standardization, standardization, science and the respect such as internationalization already strode a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

Boat of the countryman in be based on develops to increase quickly of demand to civil aviaton air man quickly, air man of China and foreign countries grooms the orgnaization is thick as hail, but because of its the problem of the good and bad are intermingled is highlighted quite, block up the construction of team of civil aviaton air man. Mix for the standard those who strengthen pair of our country to train civil aviaton pilot is domestic and internationalTrain the management of the orgnaization, air man of stimulative civil aviaton grooms the healthy progress of course of study, chinese civil aviaton combines our country national condition, wove with the standard of level of prep above international " civil aviation implement driver school certificate of approval is authorized " , namely CCAR-141 ministry, promulgated formally on January 15, 2005, carry out. This code sets, satisfy content of experience of CCAR-141 ministry place only, adopt flying school of eligible and authorized China and foreign countries, just possess the qualification that trains pilot for Chinese civil aviaton.

Cover an area of 16000 mus, have 14 kinds 223 first, plane of medium, high coach, machine of simulation of more than 30 complete flight and fixed exercise implement, year groom the college of flight of Chinese civil aviaton that civil aviaton air man controls 1000 times, it is the civil aviaton college with the greatest whole world, establishment of soft hardware of training of ability of training of pilot of its civil aviaton, education, groom quality, groom first of the school of house world civil aviaton such as administrative levels and training safety outstanding achievement. Current, the air man of 90% above is graduated from Chinese civil aviaton this. Since from 2006 Chinese civil aviation bureau implements measure of new aviation safety decide on awards through discussion formally, this school is safe already fly 100 much sortie, the training that obtained a civil aviation bureau to issue is safe " 2 stars award " . 2007, flying courtyard trains flight time more than 150 thousand hours, the first rank in global flight school.

Wear as the whole world the civil aviaton school of the name, the base of serious talented person that can expand continuously as Chinese civil aviaton, academy of flight of Chinese civil aviaton obtained CCAR-141 ministry smoothly formal certificate of approval, groom to air man of civil aviaton of normative our country the management of the school, raise air man to groom quality, stimulative air man grooms safety develops and participate in international competition, have demonstrative effect of surveyor's pole sex.
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