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Major of air man of doctor of Na Hang is big action is not restricted to groom c
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Of masterly road-sense and acumen answer ability, civil aviaton air man became the profession that many people envy. Nevertheless, at present air man of domestic civil aviaton still is an undergraduate students almost. 2009, nanjing aerospace university will recruit the flight student of tall record of formal schooling first, it is an undergraduate students not only, master unripe, doctoral student can sign up, it is more infrequent that this is returned in the whole nation.

Large rich is unripe can sign up this year

"2009 is to try first. " civil aviaton of Nanjing aerospace university (flight) academic action flies do Mr. Zhu Zhihang to tell a reporter, school of in former years recruits air man to have two kinds of ways, it is to pass common the university entrance exam to recruit high school graduate, 2 be from other college be in school is old 2, big the choose in 3 students, undertake learn and grooming in Na Hang next.

This action flies is to suffer Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) entrust education, The plan recruits 50 people. Basically recruit an object to be gone to for this year's graduates of university undergraduate course, undergraduate course an unripe, Master unripe, doctoral student, major is not restricted. At present job signing up already was started, intended person the action that can seek advice from the school flies do. The pupil that passes choose learns one year in Na Hang, be sent the flight training that undertakes one year abroad again next, all grooming charge buys sheet by airline.

Is doctoral air man talent high spending?

The undergraduate students is become air man, old practice also proves, they can be competent completely. Why should recruit Master, doctor suddenly? does airline also begin praise highly " talent high spending " ?

"Domestic airline recruits Master, doctoral student less really. " action of Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation flies do responsible population gentleman to express, company so do, will enlarge the choice face of source of student, 2 come after personnel of these tall record of formal schooling enter a company, not only pure assume flight job, they have the research of flight learning respect even.

Zhu Zhihang also expresses, this action flies to face 4 kinds of crowds actually, ben Shuobo has, also did not ask blindly tall record of formal schooling.

Is the air man salary of tall record of formal schooling higher?

Master, doctor flies a plane, so can pay rise accordingly? "Cannot so say. " Dong Hang action flies do responsible population gentleman to tell a reporter, the firewood fulfil of air man includes base pay and flight stake, bonus holds very large proportion, the flight time with air man is direct link up with. With link up with of record of formal schooling have base pay only, master, doctor may corresponding some taller, but this is trifling and different only.
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