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With the motherland in all alumnus of destiny Zheng boat reunites again after 30
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30 years, a snap of the fingers between one brandish.

This net dispatch 30 years ago, 11 of the party 3 in plenary meeting decision, come up move of key of entire party job to socialistic modernization, chinese reforming and opening pulled open forewordAct. Same year, the republic restored the university entrance exam that interrupts 10 years, the student of facilities of government of industry of aviation of a batch of aspire stepped Zheng Hang's campus.

After 30 years, the huge success that to commemorate motherland economy construction and reforming and opening gain, communicative classmate friendship, on September 29, 2008, first 78 class are Zheng Hang (7811) 40 classmates assemble in Beijing, held with " with the motherland in all destiny " the party activity that gives priority to a problem.

40 people, 30 years, deduced how many brilliant old practice; Yellow River bank, hind seaside, of testimony is blissful acquaintance and meet again!

One, motherland affection on September 29 early morning, tiangang daybreak. Bringing the feeling that is the same as a destiny with the republic, 7811 classmate comes to Tiananmen Square, attend ensign flag-raising ceremony. They gather before a tower over a city gate of Tian An Men to fall with ensign lever, looking up at the Five-Star Red Flag to rise slowly, in " national anthem " the ceremony is fixed eyes on all right to ensign in sound. That wet eye, because of excited and asp sound, expressive is the hair sensation from the heart. Enthusiastic, rise momently in that; Passion, decide case lastingly momently in that.

7811 classmate and the other student of 78 class are same, bath is worn motherland mother constantly the sunshine bounty that bend asperses, they and motherland breathe destiny, together in all, the destiny that is the same as the motherland is linked together closely, motherland affection is in their heart all the more massiness. The policy of reforming and opening changes the move, destiny that deciding them, the participator that they are socialistic modernization and the person that witness, they also are the person be benefited of achievement of reforming and opening. Enter in those days school when, there is graduate of this year's high school among them, have on below hill (time) the educated youth of countryside, still have the worker of the factory and youth waiting for employment. The age is 32 the biggest years old, the least gift is 15 years old. Just entered school experienced " practice is to examine the only standard of the truth " discuss greatly, get on life journey important edificatory. The society of nearly 30 years after graduation is carried out, make they had deep understanding to national condition, have personal experience to the move of the working key of the party, to the day of the motherland beneficial development expands those who be different from echo is experience.
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