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Press of Beijing aerospace university " big airlines wind and cloud " come out
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By aviation group couplet of numerous and senior expert is sleeved make up write, of story of big airlines of collect world and China " big airlines wind and cloud " rolled out by press of Beijing aerospace university recently. Ground of heavy colour of this book thick Chinese ink revealed world aviation to enter passenger transport of civil aviaton of dictate of jet age, big airlines the journey with grand billows of 50 more than carrier wave, have rise and fall a lot of and major event of free and easy -- the huge success that horizontal sky is born and dazzling aureola, catastrophic advent and helpless failure; Have active the mixed aviation person on big airlines arena -- the entrepreneur that is control the forces of nature of big airlines career, add fuel to the fire, what decision-making error brings about an enterprise to sink is frustrated person, bend forward the body design, plane stylist that realizes tremendous skill to span, the aviation that gives birth to the exploration of science and technology that leaves a lot of regret firstly eventually is precursory. This book with distinctive perspective, touch the correlation of politics, economy and even military affairs and big airlines chooses big country, at the same time draw the outline of the future of world big airlines and development trend.