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University of Shanghai project technology carries as joint as Shanghai Airline a
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This semester, university of Shanghai project technology 18 undergraduate studentses in first flight technology major, carry the assessment of v/arc drillmaster of American flying school smoothly, go to the real flying training that the United States accepts by a definite date one year. Meanwhile, the project is big new job of interview of recruit students of air man of a 2009 class is undertaking, the person that enter oneself for an examination eagerly. Flight technology major already became a project big with Shanghai aviation Inc. (Shanghai Airlines Co. , ltd. , the following abbreviation " Shanghai Airline " ) the another window of cooperative education, also be a when collaboration of look forward to of this city school runs a school excellent case.

Produce learn to grind collaboration, it is the effective pattern that develops innovation application person with ability. University of Shanghai project technology and Shanghai Airline establish at cooperating 1993 aviation carries an institute, the institute is executed " double director is made " , by the school and enterprise respective group person is held the position of, both sides is right plan of target of managerial direction of the institute, education, education, funds raises etc undertake discuss and grindingInvestigate, make relevant move. Nowadays, this institute already had instrument of flight technology, aviation 7 wait by Wu in business affairs of maintenance of equipment of Electromechanical of freight of maintenance, international, aviation, civil aviaton, sky this, the specialized subject is professional.

Collaboration of school look forward to runs a school, market information is well-informed, aviation of university of Shanghai project technology carries academic major to set requirement of person with ability of follow closely industry. Forecast according to industry, future 3 to 4 years, our country needs to add ability of about 7000 pilot newly to satisfy market demand. And the academy of a few traditional flights in school of domestic blame military affairs, the flight major graduate that offers every year for civil aviaton makes an appointment with 500 people, even if the air man plus unit be transferred to civilian work, also satisfy the requirement that company of domestic civil aviaton grows hard. For this, university of Shanghai project technology and technology of flight of open of Shanghai Airline combination are professional, begin recruit students since last year, education has theory of solid flight technology knowledge and excellent the flight talent of flight practice ability. This major also becomes the undergraduate course major of air man of civil aviaton of the first education in Shanghai college. Be like again, some earlier number of year of recruit students of major of aviation appliance maintenance is little, began airline to be opposite 2003 increase sharply of demand of this field qualified personnel, then university of Shanghai project technology this are professional instantly enlarge enrols a class. The institute was aimed at again this year new " point of growth " -- , the control in sky and staff of flight autograph group, the plan adds relevant and professional way.
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