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Problem of noise pollution of academy of flight of Chinese civil aviaton gets ap
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A few days ago, academy of flight of Chinese civil aviaton (abbreviation " flying courtyard " ) on the west Ou Zhengna square access of 87 mus of land makes over consultative signing ceremony to be in Sichuan is wide Chinese hold. Flying courtyard is President Zheng Xiaoyong, wide Chinese city Jiang Jianjun's mayor represents the school and government respectively earnest on consultative text sign. Zhu Yong of secretary of flying courtyard Party committee, wide Chinese Yang Bo of secretary of municipal Party committee attends signing ceremony and make a speech. This action is indicating classics flying courtyard He Anhan city joint efforts, affect the noise issue of learning of student of this school A, B ridgepole, life for a long time, remove what as company of kapok iron and steel An Hangang runs a plant and get settlement.

As we have learned, 87 mus of development that flying courtyard asks for newly belong to the An Hangang that involve steel to be in charge of a factory to produce a division formerly with the ground, with flying courtyard on the west apartment of student of campus A, B ridgepole only of one wall lie between. The main production facilities of this factory is unit of production of seamless steel tube. Because the factory is apart from student apartment closer, the noise that when establishment of noise elimination of together with factory cannot hold back equipment effectively to move, produces again, influencethe study of the student that lives inside apartment of A, B ridgepole, life. To return student a good study, surroundings, come for years, flying courtyard Party committee for many times with wide Chinese the problem that municipal government, 3 water press down government, enterprise to eliminate noise pollution undertakes negotiation, facilitate finally the An Hangang that involve steel is in charge of a factory to remove.