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Zhengzhou boat courtyard goes to university of Chinese civil aviaton to attend p
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This net dispatch (reporter: Neodymium  ? 10 comes 17 days month 21 days, eleventh countrywide college broadcasts (TV) propagandist work seminar is held in university of Tianjin China civil aviaton, feng Xin joins chief of radio station of Xu Baoshan of undersecretary of department of propaganda of Party committee of courtyard of Zhengzhou aviation industrial engineering, school on invitation meeting.

On the opening ceremony, zhang Jizhou of director of station of broadcast of unit of chairman of party of job of countrywide college broadcast, Beijing University made a problem be " development study carries out scientific progress view to drive college broadcast career to develop great prosperity greatly " working report. Report middle finger goes out, come two years, job of countrywide college broadcast goesShowed the new phase that develops flourishingly, obtained delectable result further: It is to hold to true public opinion to direct the ongoing direction with advanced culture, follow closely situation, made exceedingly good success around overall situation of center, service, obtained favorable result; 2 it is team of conduct propaganda of countrywide college broadcast ceaseless development expands, it is dominant with the teacher, give priority to the campus broadcast person of body with the student, integral quality had rise apparently; 3 it is broadcasting establishment is perfected ceaselessly, working requirement is optimized further, improved the propagandist quality of broadcast media effectively; 4 it is scientific research consciousness increases ceaselessly, campus broadcast theory considered to produce a batch of new positive result, the study of broadcast project new technology and application mention schedule to come up; 5 it is broadcast quality rises stage by stage, brand consciousness is strengthened ceaselessly, column of a batch of high-quality goods and outstanding item were made in innovation; 6 it is party job mechanism is perfected ceaselessly, enlarged space of campus beamed collaboration further, much level built communication platform.

Report main to beamed of this year college train of thought and party job undertook arrange and raisinged a requirement.

The head of a department of Party committee propaganda of 74 colleges such as university of Beijing University, Wuhan, Xiamen university, undersecretary, broadcast (TV) station (stage) long reach propagandist department specific be assigned personal responsibility for broadcasts (TV) working chief attended the meeting.