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Boat Xinjiang branch increases international course winter to fall fully south
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This net dispatch (reporter: Flute? runs safety to strengthen international airliner winter, moving headquarters of branch of Xinjiang of the boat austral recently coordinates the winter that added partial international line actively to fall fully.

Compare with domestic line photograph, airworthiness of the moving safeguard of international airliner, transport power, plane is cheered etc the requirement is relatively strict, when the complex weather such as snow of Urumqi winter big mist, rain is forthcoming, to ensure the equipment of international airliner falls safe, xinjiang branch runs command post against a rainy day, in the light of Urumqi - new Siberia line added Er of Ba Er Nao to fall fully; Be aimed at Urumqi - Muscovite course, increased hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting and Samala to fall fully; In the light of Urumqi - Dashengan, Urumqi - Du Shang is fastened, Urumqi - course of Hu Zheng spy, increased Sa Maer rarely to fall fully. More equipment falls a safe moving dependability that chose to increase a flight number not only, the share drops fully still shortened fall fully distance, make the plane can decrease carry reserve oily quantity, be in thereby certain levelThe moving cost of the company was reduced on.