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Xinjiang sky is gone to before tubal bureau breathe out fort of nest of graph wa
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This net dispatch (reporter: Lu pushs? to provide the demand that terminal of bureau communication navigation leads according to Xinjiang sky, on October 14, safe technology division and safeguard safeguard team to lead a 5 people, head for on a special trip breathe out building site of construction of two navigation station undertook graph wall and bavin nest fort make an on-the-spot investigation.

They the environment that every stand to whole platform to one station, construct medium computer room, the job and life undertake checking with the room, understand a situation. Careful to the each place in build examine, the place that improves to need offerred the proposal of rationalize, with going to the lavatory two navigation stand to move and will be safeguarded of equipment henceforth.

They quited the time of nooning, what pass 5 many hours continuously is on-the-spot make an on-the-spot investigation, to breathing out the construction case that two navigation stand had graph wall and bavin nest fort to understand further, it is what will made equipment of station of these two navigation henceforth to safeguarded safeguard job to lay a foundation.