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Ningxia sky is in charge of substation to be finished satisfactorily " 11 " task
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This net dispatch (reporter: Month of plutonium § ? 9 28 to on October 7, ningxia sky was in charge of substation to be finished satisfactorily 2008 " 11 " golden week sky is in charge of safety to guarantee the job.

During the golden week, department of navigational fairs government is aimed at airliner generous characteristic, fulfil each safety precaution strictly, strengthen a gleam of to be on duty force, aggrandizement spot runs government, ensure meticulously, coordinate actively. Ensure in all the airliner falls since this field 611 sortie, work overtime among them 84 sortie, air plane 2 sortie, fall fully because of weather reason 2 sortie, sortie falls since this field than last year the corresponding period grows 31% , its are Sino-Japanese height hour amounts to 14 sortie, achieve the history new tall.