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This net dispatch (reporter: Annulus go? Tian Gang) management board of the traffic in sky of Xinjiang of boat of the countryman in October 15, 2008 (bureau of canal of sky of Xinjiang of the following abbreviation) empty tube point and control center were received come from Hong Kong the acknowledgment letter that empty company hair comes to Guo Taihang, bureau of empty to the civil aviation bureau canal runs sky of management center, Xinjiang to be in charge of bureau control center to give in the letter speak very highly of, the lead that in thanking departmental door to work in control, shows is elaborate and proper, harmonious and outstanding, reach the designated position, reflect excellent service consciousness, can be the economic benefits consider of airline, agile and effective executive lash-up deals with program, the success avoided what peaceful of Hong Kong country changes air route condition temporarily in the sky of airline CPA252 airliner in time to happen.

On August 26 before dawn 02: 11 (Beijing time similarly hereinafter) , the CPA252 airliner of company of Hong Kong Guo Taihang air executes scheduled service mission to Hong Kong by London, by Kazakstan according to flight plan Si Tan enters Chinese churchyard, decide plan general formerlyAlong Ou Yaxin air route of voyage system ADS enters Lanzhou control area via Urumqi area... . ADS air route applies extensively in ocean at present, desert etc communication covers poorer area, basically be based on technology of use area navigation, service of CPDLC of clearing data catenary and automatic and relevant surveillant technology, and conventional air route reports with Liu Ji guidance station and position the dot is given priority to. Photograph of flight of classics ADS air route flies than conventional air route, the range that one-way flight can think airline is managing about 30 minutes. However, urumqi is entered in CPA252 airliner before flight control division flies across library car guidance station, aircrew tries to establish newsletter of chain of ground-to-air and two-way data with area control room for many times not if really, watch of area control room member at the same time for many times this aerostat logs onto call ground facilities, inform aircrew checks airborne equipment and relevant setting, still cannot succeed.

Below this kind of state, when class control member the special situation of airliner of immediately general CPA252 runs management center ask for instructions to bureau of canal of sky of civil aviation bureau, gotten response is: If CPA252 cannot build ADS to login normally, inform CPA252 unit transforms boat B215 air route. When CPA252 airliner flies across library car guidance station, unit application: "Be like a likelihood, the request continues to fly along plan ADS air route " . According to ADS system operating rules, after completing the harmonious work with relevant unit, control member room of control of area of entry Lanzhou of attempt of announcement CPA252 aircrew, in a few minutes, CPA252 airliner and ADS of Lanzhou control division log onto a success, established communication of CPDLC of catenary of ground-to-air and two-way data. Be on duty airliner of CPA252 of personnel immediately direct and the in its ahead Guo Taihang with login normal with air route flight are empty peaceful CPA260 is CPA288 of company flight number and its rear country bridge " is built in its " sky, transmit position signs up for. Be in ready hind, control member after reporting this one case quickly sky of civil aviation bureau to tubal bureau runs a management center and get agreeing, coordinate room of Lanzhou area control instantly, direct CPA252 airliner continues to fly along plan air route. Urumqi area provides service of information of the traffic in detailed, considerate sky for CPA252 airliner. The course tries hard with all possible means, CPA252 airliner Yu Lingchen 04: 01 safety fly off division of Urumqi flight information, so far nervous " security flight ensures battle " to come to an end temporarily.
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