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Ningxia sky is in charge of substation to make job of change garments according
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This net dispatch (reporter: Sky of Ningxia of plutonium § ? is in charge of ministry of substation navigational fairs to run branch bureau according to Ningxia sky " standardization management manual " requirement, the real case that joins Yinchuan area is made job of wintry spring change garments according to the season was arranged 2008.

The member that navigational fairs ministry organizes all control is opposite respectively " agreement of control of department of government of control of flight of station of field of air force Yinchuan and navigational fairs of substation of canal of sky of civil aviaton Ningxia " , " river east the airport uses detailed rules " , " chart manual " the control work program that reachs complex weather condition to fall undertook study; Room of control of requirement control tower, flight service room it is good that according to Yinchuan area the particular case of characteristic of wintry spring climate and airliner change garments according to the season makes a corresponding change garments according to the season plan to be done assessment of change garments according to the season and brief summary work.