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Xinjiang sky is in charge of bureau communication terminal to safeguard safeguar
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This net dispatch (reporter: Lu pushs? to fulfil empty canal bureau to be carried out seriously " the announcement that about carrying out safety of empty canal system spirit of conference of videophone of working special subject begins safety to reorganize an activity " with communication navigation terminal " the announcement that reorganizes an activity about beginning safety " spirit, absorb other unit to be taught a lesson in the accident that insecure incident appears in the job. Xinjiang sky is in charge of terminal of bureau communication navigation to safeguard safeguard team to do good safety to rectify the job seriously, cadre of squadron element long above will attend terminal safety to rectify afternoon on October 17 arouse congress.

Xinjiang sky is in charge of bureau communication terminal to safeguard safeguard team to begin safety to rectify working plan at will be being made on October 20 above all. Established safety to rectify the job to head a group; Next the concrete step that squadron combined to make safety actually reorganize an activity: Basically including is constituent staff study " China personCivilian republican criminal law " , " law of safe production of People's Republic of China " , " byelaw of Chinese Communist disciplinary treatment " wait to be mixed about safe production responsibility use penalize, the concerned clause of punishment, punish. Rise further complete a main to secure job responsibility and serious and sequential understanding; 2 it is bureau of combinative empty canal " safety administration implements measure " and " regulations is fulfilled year " the law with the communication surveillant and relevant navigation that the activity involves, code, regulations, standard and normative sex file, do academic be used to to fulfil the job further; 3 it is union hiemal circumstance organization is entire a measure of moving safeguard of study winter equipment, undertake necessary examine and verify to ensuring the accordance of measure according to actual condition. 4 be having doinging daily safety seriously while safeguard works, the organization is entire member hold informal discussion and discussion, search and analyse the problem that oneself exist in respect of thought, style, discipline, put forward to rectify and reform measure. Accomplish stoutly prevent paralytic, prevent the lax, happening that prevents fatigue phenomenon, provide reliable navigation safeguard to ensure the flight is safe.