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Company of network of communication of Xinjiang civil aviaton begins safety to r
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This net dispatch (correspondent: 10 thousand glow of bottle ∶ ? ) on October 21 morning, organization of company of network of communication of Xinjiang civil aviaton held safety of the cadre on deputy inflict to rectify colloquium, empty canal bureau is connected guide be in and install inspect to was in concerned leader to attend the meeting.

Leader of the company on the meeting communicated empty canal bureau " the announcement that about carrying out safety of empty canal system spirit of conference of videophone of working special subject begins safety to reorganize an activity " and " safety of communication network company consolidates measure " . Each moving state that company general manager summarized current company and rectify and reform a requirement to existence problem, specific to beginning safety to rectify work undertook decorating. Each moving safeguard branch reported the preparative case that develops safety to rectify the job, the change garments according to the season that begins the near future safeguards the job to undertake brief summary; Each function branch also is assessed from near future personnel, construction, safe, equipment management, performance waited for a respect to undertake reporting. Leader of the department that bring watch also emphasized be being rectified this on the meetingImportance, be opposite especially lash-up beforehand case executive sex offerred specific opinion, requirement beforehand the case is particular achieve reasonable, effective.