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Bureau of northwest sky canal works to beginning safety special rectify raise a
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Will come 26 days on October 20, management board of the traffic in sky of bureau of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " bureau of canal of sky of civil aviation bureau " ) the safe work that begins a week of by a definite date in empty canal system is special rectify, management board of the traffic in sky of area of northwest of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " bureau of northwest sky canal " ) the particular situation that works according to near future safety, raise a requirement to beginning this safety to rectify the job: It is to want to learned bureau of canal of sky of civil aviation bureau to allot seriously " work about be in charge of a system to begin safety for nothing special rectified announcement " the study content that makes clear, unified understanding is formed on crew thought, join this unit actual, make piece begin pay a mind, pay way, catch discipline and processing " wrong, forget, leakage " the concrete step of chronic and stubborn disease. 2 it is to want to indicate a demand strictly according to Director Su, to a few of near future happening insecure things, absorb experience to teach a lesson seriously, the weak point that the analysis studies to this unit consists in secure job, from strengthen spot management, process management and detail management take as the point of departure, serious ground solves the problem in safety administration job. 3 it is to should strengthen responsibility consciousness, improve level of management of resource of team and group. Applied person discharges the method that investigates management of processing zephyr risk for element, hidden trouble, research analysis past years comes " wrong, forget, leakage " the reason of phenomenal happening, rule, with the concept of systematic safety, integrated consideration administers the method of this one chronic and stubborn disease. 4 it is leaders of all levels should arrive deep unit of a gleam of, the executive effect of the thought state of the member that understand watch of a gleam of and measure of secure to each job undertakes checking, evaluate, search a specific issue, supervise and urge problem unit deadline is corrected. 5 it is to want an examination to groom working quality, to make specific aim groom next the target lays good foundation. Groom especially quality should make sure skill amounts to mark namely, make sure working style amounts to mark even. Should combine bureau of canal of sky of civil aviation bureau at the same time " about strengthening control member prevent " wrong, forget, leakage " groom working announce " (advisory announce) requirement, cogent raise control personnel to prevent " wrong, forget, leakage " skill. 6 it is to want to be rectified with this safety for chance, undertake be combinged thoroughly from management, style, discipline, thought, strengthen responsibility consciousness, sober understanding the formidable task that we face.
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