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Xinjiang sky is in charge of bureau communication terminal to hold safety to rec
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This net dispatch (correspondent: Lu turns? 10 month 22 days in the morning, xinjiang sky is in charge of bureau communication terminal to safeguard safeguard team to organized whole group staff to hold safety to rectify study informal discussion.

Terminal of communication of bureau of Xinjiang empty canal safeguarded safeguard group leader to communicate bureau of Xinjiang sky canal above all " the announcement that is in charge of spirit of conference of videophone of special subject of systematic safety work to begin safety to reorganize an activity for nothing about carrying out " with communication terminal " the announcement that reorganizes an activity about beginning safety " reach safety of communication navigation terminal, returned constituent study " criminal law of People's Republic of China " , " law of safe production of People's Republic of China " , " byelaw of Chinese Communist disciplinary treatment " wait to be mixed about safe production responsibility use penalize, the concerned clause of punishment, punish. The organization learned Li Jiaxiang of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of Chinese civil aviation, director " safe development is the inevitable requirement that fulfils scientific progress view -- theory establish in civil aviaton job continuously safe concept " article.

Combined this unit to analyse existence actuallyProblem and rectified key work. Specific to beginning safety to rectify work undertook arranging. The change garments according to the season of the beacon device that develops the near future safeguarded the job to undertake summing up.

Later, union consolidates authority the requirement is begun discuss, search and analyse the problem that oneself exist in respect of thought, style, discipline, the safeguard that has done daily safety works, had done hard prevent paralytic, prevent the lax, happening that prevents fatigue phenomenon, make rectify and reform an activity this to obtain actual effect.