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Sea boat department recombines plan to adjust group of trade of treasure of 6 co
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Hai Hang is group of trade of the treasure below the banner (000796) , Xi'an the people's livelihood (000564) today (25) day volley major asset recombines progress announcement, treasure trade group drafts pair of major asset beforehand case undertake adjustment. Treasure trade group shows, the 6 subsidiary equity that plans to accuse food of sea boat aviation a limited company hold is direct group of infuse treasure trade, avoid boat to feed thereby accuse an asset to decrease a value to give recombine plan and treasure trade group to bring adverse effect.

10 thousand divisions think, this national policy is equivalent to developing business to need not depreciate, the government helped them fall 10%-20% .

According to adjusting the plan before, treasure trade group runs limited company of some management of treasure chicken business with its the boat that the equity of 100% and sea ship business accuse a limited company hold is fed accuse a 100% equity to undertake displacement. And Xi'an the people's livelihood with 5.74 yuan / the price, travel of blame fair development does not buy treasure chicken business more than 34 million times 100% equity. Among them, commerce dominates a market of the business that it is treasureOf the people's livelihood of round, Xi'an control a partner.

Treasure trade group shows, the process is advanced in major asset displacement in, because boat is fed,dominate an action that year and this year have excessive price to buy subsidiary equity before, according to requirement of new accountant standard, need to make decrease estimation to carry or rushing sell to excessive price share, reduced boat to feed considerably thereby accuse net asset book value, cause boat to feed accuse current did not allocate profit to be negative number.

Announcement shows, boat is fed accuse an excessive price to buy subsidiary equity accumulative total to affect seventy-nine million one hundred and fifty-five thousand yuan several, need plan carries the preparation that reduce a cost or rush annul. Year yield adjusts an influence to count nearly 23 million yuan previously, need corresponding attune to decrease boat to feed control a number of net assets of face of Zhang of parent company forms for reporting statistics, in addition boat is fed accuse capital stock ministry to arrived in January 2008 in July accumulative total deficit 3.04 million yuan. Treasure trade group shows, consideration afore-mentioned aggregate 105 million yuan of influencing factor, boat feeds remaining sum of net assets of holding company forms for reporting statistics to be 104 million yuan, preliminary evaluate eventuate 150 million yuan, under beforehand in the case beforehand appraise is worth 240 million yuan, balance is 90 million yuan.

It is reported, boat is fed accuse a business to be in dispersedly limited company of Hainan aviation food, 3 inferior in 6 subsidiary such as limited company of food of Han Sha aviation. Up to on July 31, boat feeds the aspect of Zhang of collect of 6 companies equity that controls a hold value is 205 million yuan, preliminary evaluate eventuate 243 million yuan. After the basis is adjusted recombine plan, boat is fed accuse hold place some 6 companies equity to make over commerce to accuse entirely first. Next treasure trade group drafts the 6 subsidiary equity that with owning treasure chicken business 100% equity and commerce accuse a hold to undertake displacement, the partial business that buy gives asset to exceed buy to enter capital accuses will use ready money complemental, the share that buy exceeds buy to give capital fund into asset forms treasure trade group to trading of the other side indebted. Treasure trade group drafts buy to give total assets to be 441 million yuan, always be in debt it is 358 million yuan, net assets is eighty-three million three hundred and seventy-six thousand yuan, beforehand appraise value is 195 million yuan, predicting appreciation extent is 132.89% .
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