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Branch of Chinese boat oily Fujian organizes patriotism to teach an activity
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This net dispatch (reporter: Lin Wen) on October 24, fulfil group company first time party to be carried out deep acting meeting spirit, branch Party committee organizes Party member and activist of join or be admitted to the party, toward Fujian Province covered with clouds Shi Shanwen changes relics museum before, undertake patriotism is taught, many 20 Party member and activist of join or be admitted to the party entered this activity.

Hill culture is apart from stone of covered with clouds to already had 5 today, the history 6000, its discovery makes the civilization of Fujian history shifted to an earlier date 3000, it is a delegate with relics of hill of stone of covered with clouds, it is a center downstream with Fujian river, it is main distributinging limits littoral with southeast, cover Fujian whole area almost, join Fujian stage two provinces, it is the cradle that Fujian ancient prose changes, first the birthplace of Qin Min a group of things with common features, also be southeast mankind of coastal primitive society works haunt epitome. It accumulate contain rich historical culture, to southeast foreland, and even the research of culture of history of China ancient time has important sense. This museum builds the site that the 8th times 1996 archaeology disentombs, also be my province the 1stPrehistoric relics museum, protect an unit at was being announced to be cultural relic of key of the 5th batch of whole nations by the State Council on June 25, 2001, of the same age will be labelled by government of provincial Party committee, province on October 5 provincial patriotism teachs base.

This activity, make comrades understand China further the civilization 5000 history, those who think forefathers leaves us is relics of a few culture not just, still include mental inheritance. China is to have 5000 brilliant history and admirable and traditional great country, the long history 5000 and culture details be pregnant with generation the Chinese of another generation. Party member comrades express to want the good convention of successive forefathers in succession, those who be the Chinese nation is prosperous a power that exhausts oneself with the development of Chinese boat oil.