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Na Hang Beijing passes the examine and verify of team of audit of joint-stock co
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This net dispatch (reporter: Day of 21-24 of month of meet with? 10, working group of audit of safety of Na Hang joint-stock company carries to branch of Na Hang Beijing work of audit of safety pointing to a ministry undertakes spot examine and verify.

Audit team by quality of joint-stock company safety vise general manager of censorial ministry Shi Zhisen heads a group, in all 8 people, run safe technology ministry, flight department, plane to maintain ministry of factory, cabin, moving headquarters to Beijing branch respectively, defend ministry, freight department, hind keep a department, reach the ground to take the unit such as the company to have safe audit; Regard the business of each respect as the expert, basis of audit working group " audit expresses safety of Na Hang joint-stock company " the moving measure to departmental door undertook item-by-item audit.

Pass safe audit of 3 days, audit working group thinks: It is solid that the safety administration step that boat Beijing branch takes at present south is fulfilled, still just need to be refined further in systematic government field. Audit group is opposite safe audit offers a few opinions: Safety administration job wants to pay attention to archives build and manage, special earthing upWant to groom clearly in the procedure that example establishs archives responsibility person; The of all kinds moving manual of joint-stock company shows to manage link to each without the body, need branch combines actual condition reentry to be refined all right in safety administration process, further normative moving government works.