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Home products boat increases the promotion strength that serves a system to firm
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This net dispatch (reporter: Month of Sou basement? 10 22 days, home products boat allots an announcement, when unit of requirement company each sale is undertaking business communicate with the client, strengthen the conduct propaganda that serves a system to firm client and promotion, raise a client to be mixed to the acknowledge of this system function use, promote a company the service ability to the client and standard better thereby.

To satisfy the need that the client inquires to freightage condition, promotion client serves a level, establish the good brand image of home products boat, home products boat released the client that is aimed at consignor and freight agent first times to serve a system at will be on June 19 this year in domestic airline, unified client was rolled out to serve a phone inside countrywide limits 10100999 and those who unite is shortPlatform of be convinced Wu 1066806696, made special client serve a webpage (network address: Www.10668066.com) , firm client perhaps should edit a short message through calling customer service telephone call only " 9* carry odd numbers is piled up " send short message platform, can inquire the carriage condition of goods, satisfied a client greatly the need of quick to freightage information inquiry.

System of service of client of home products boat is divided offer freightage condition beyond inquiry, offer aviation freightage business to seek advice at the same time, the client is complained, the relevant function such as opinion and proposal, become home products boat to reveal the important channel of client of product and service, join and bridge, serve level and ability to have important sense to promoting home products boat the client.