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Branch of Na Hang Beijing is departmental a job of the root of fangfeng of serio
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This net dispatch (reporter: Month of meet with? 10 22 days since, suffer the effect of northward cold air, 17: 00 when the left and right sides, capital airport wind can blow ceaseless, air temperature also drops abruptly, 19: 00 when or so wind-force is achieved the strongest, instantaneous wind speed is as high as every second 15 meters.

Be aimed at the characteristic with more weather of gale of Beijing near future, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, abbreviation " Na Hang " ) Beijing branch is serious deploy windbreak preparation works, ask each production ensures an unit to strengthen windbreak job deploy, ensure production of autumn winter Ji Anquan is normal and orderly.

Flight department is serious delibrate case big side wind is right when fallingThe influence of the plane -- when should having side wind requirement, suffer airframe to affect with the wind the lift that side wing obtains is more than downwind side wing, form the gradient of downwind direction, to check wind is opposite the plane forms the influence of gradient, need to with the wind directional platen, this is with the wind the aileron of side rises, broke the streamline sex of wing, the pressure that reduced fluctuation ala range is poor, reduced lift thereby. Sweep past below the aileron of downwind side conversely, increased wing radian, increased pressure difference to add lift thereby. It is with plane x-axis fiducial, arose to with the wind the moment of force of side, checked side wind forms gradient trend to downwind side to the plane thereby.

Plane maintenance factory learns windbreak job seriously relevant regulations -- plane the root of fangfeng kills park of safe provision, plane and moorage regulation and precautionary plane to wait for relevant content in the regulation with very mobile ground, do good the root of fangfeng to intend the work according to manual content, make sure windbreak facilities facilities reachs the designated position entirely. At the same time manual of AMM of strict comply with is mixed condition of this field the root of fangfeng, implement each windbreak measure, and of facilities of facilities of face of go to the fields of fresh gale condition take shelter from the wind.

Moving headquarters regards monitoring of near future ground as working key windbreak job, undertake the spot supervises an examination nonskedly, strengthen information to deliver at the same time, do good gale actively to deal with lash-up beforehand case.