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Accept of edition of flying Dali of Dong Hang answer first days of one airliner
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Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, the following abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) Yunnan branch because this year " 3 · 31 return to base incident " the Kunming of grounding of aircraft comes Dali, on the west double edition accept 2 course, yesterday (26) day is formal answer fly. Those who pass close half an year is endless await, dong Hang eventually " recover lost territory " . In day of this great rejoicing, the MU5995 that boat flies to Dali from Kunming east second airliner, performed a small songs in a film or play again -- after the airliner in the sky flies to Dali, because weather reason returns to base. Tens of renown guests that take this scheduled flight experienced the brigade in not ordinary air again.

One airliner returns to base because of weather reason

Yesterday (26 days) in the morning at 10 o'clock, international Airport of Kunming Wu Jiaba 2 buildings, the passenger that is about to fly to countrywide each district from Kunming is making the best of time to change boarding check. 56 passengers bend over to seek advice from a stage what to enquiring in Dong Hang. A passenger that holds boarding check is right labourMake personnel say: "I should deal with formalities of return a ticket. " although this passenger rejects to accept,interview, but the reporter is in the know in staff member mouth from airport inquiry, yesterday morning 8:25, dong Hang's MU5995 second airliner takes off normally from Kunming airport, after all previous in the sky reachs Dali airport via flight of 50 minutes, "Returned to base because of weather reason " .

Subsequently, reporter from Dong Hang one clerk office confirms, yesterday, dong Hang shares 3 airliners to fly to Dali from Kunming. In the morning 7:45, the safety of the first airliner that flies to Dali from Kunming descends in airport of Dali barren careless dam. "Rate of seat of honour is achieved 94% , did not get basically ' 3 · 31 return to base incident ' influence. " in the morning 8:25, boat flies to the 2nd airliner of Dali to take off by original plan from Kunming east, but after 50 minutes, MU5995 second airliner returns to base because of weather reason.

Afternoon at 2 o'clock, learn from Dali airport, controlled 9:15 yesterday morning, second airliner has flown to Dong Hang's MU5995 really Dali airport in the sky. "At that time Dali airport in the sky raining, although rain is not big, but misty. After the plane circled circuit, fly back to Kunming again. Fly back to Kunming again..

To this, li Lourong of spokesman of news of the branch austral Dong Hangyun says: "I am away on official business outerly, return to base the reason is the weather reason that place of airport working personnel says.

"Other airliner flight is normal, rate of seat of honour is in 90% above. " a staff member of Dong Hang booking office says, flew yesterday the airliner circumstance of edition accept is normal, and airline ticket is not hit fold.
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