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Boat Beijing branch expands high-end client membership energetically south
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This net dispatch (reporter: Zhang Jinkui of meet with? ) all the time since, height of boat Beijing branch takes high-end client member seriously to expand the job south, end September 30, beijing branch develops entrant in all 37173 people, active member 23588 people, month of the 1-9 that finish is current 80% of task index.

Ministry wanting a settle or live in a strange place is divided outside strengthening the business butt joint that develops an unit with each to serve, use airport service and the scope that extend big client to expand membership of client of new high end further, use the cooperative opportunity that issues cosignatory card with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China at the same time, search the cooperative chance that expands a membership actively, strive entrant development capacity has a breakthrough.

Active member development measures cabin ministry month by month rises steadily, to ensure efficient, high quality expands a membership, business room and person of communication group of department wanting a settle or live in a strange place are right cabin ministry 63 enter office newly the aircrew undertakes constant passenger professional knowledge grooms, the note in expanding the job to the member and development skill undertake demonstrative, effects is very good.

To contend forTake more high-end passenger resource, the ground takes room of company brand service to seize the opportunity to serve area and two cabin anteroom to form linkage mechanism in high end, check leakage fill a vacancy, the assessment index that made interior -- rate of initiate of blame member passenger amounts to the two cabin that seize the opportunity to serve an area to deal with value opportunity formalities to high end everyday 95% . In addition, the market sells a ministry to grow course group travel agent actively to undertake cooperative with Europe, strive for development more active members.

Branch of Beijing of the boat austral the course is departmental the joint efforts of the door, job of member of client of development high end obtained certain result. In working next, departmental door will continue to maintain good development momentum, perserve, widen hard channel, seek the development way with wider more, strive for the high-end client member of more and different level, industry.