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Boat starts the country Chongqing, project of Beijing course integral point
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This net dispatch (reporter: Company of Chongqing of boat of smile? country will increase Chongqing - the airliner density of Beijing course, make project of airliner integral point actively at the same time, make a guest very OK give a time according to his need arrangement conveniently, experience convenient and quick aviation serves adequately.

It is reported, from this year change garments according to the season of wintry spring airliner will begin on October 26, country boat Chongqing company Chongqing - the airliner amount of Beijing increases for everyday 10, throw seating everyday on this course only near 1500. Country boat head period the flight number that implements integral point flight has 6, chongqing takeoff time is respectively: 08: 00, 09: 00, 13: 00, 14: 00, 16: 00 with 20: 00. BelowOne pace, country boat Chongqing company will be active as harmonious as empty canal branch, to 11: 55, 16: 40, 18: 40, 21: The 20 airliners that take off from Chongqing adjust takeoff time stage by stage, realize full integral point to take off as soon as possible. At the same time boat Chongqing company still will increase the country further the airliner density of this course, implementation is in 08: 00 to 21: Every integral point all has the time Duan Li of 00 the target that an airliner takes off from Chongqing, make Chongqing - the line that Beijing course makes Chongqing area roll hair class, integral point flies first times.