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Airline changes means of return a ticket to retreat discount ticket to want to d
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Before when aviation passenger return a ticket, each airline is to press time limit of return a ticket to come mostly cost of collection return a ticket, those who retreat is earlier, those who close is less. Since this year, inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, the following abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) , Inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) , Shenzhen aviation is finite liability company (Shenzhen Airlines Ltd. , the following abbreviation " deep boat " ) wait for many airline, begin to execute the kind of return a ticket that has collecting fees by the discount that buy a ticket early or late, the passenger needs to accept time restriction no longer, but those who need an attention is, according to new regulation, the proportion of collection of cost of airline ticket return a ticket with smaller discount is larger, the most high-energy obtain admission fee 5 into. "Previously once cannot be arrangedBenefit embarks on a journey, return a ticket always makes me special headache, if cannot use up early return a ticket, charge of return a ticket is the expenditure with not small brushstroke! " today (27) day, greet in Taiyuan city lustre be commissioned to sell sth of some airline ticket nods the ave, ms. Zhang says Taiyuan citizen, oneself are to shift to an earlier date one day to buy airline ticket mostly, want return a ticket to always be met many return a ticket expend collection, according to discount return a ticket opposite for more fair, "Because time allows his money,won't sell at a discount " .

Boat Shanxi branch bears fruit about the personage east say, each are lost in the past receive take time of return a ticket for the standard by time limit, before the plane takes off 72 hours of return a ticket, 5% what cost of return a ticket is par fare, before taking off 24 hours are to 2 hours 10% , it is inside before taking off 2 hours 20% , if the plane takes off regressive ticket, cost of return a ticket is 50% .

At present each domestic airline had changed way of old some return a ticket, begin to press the discount when buying a ticket to calculate. " the discount is lower, proportion is larger. " an aviation be commissioned to sell sth nods a staff member to say, cost of return a ticket of full of first-class stateroom cabin, official cabin, tourist class presses 5% collection, above is folded to press par value in discount ticket 10% collection, 8 fold come below 5.5 fold passenger ticket to press par value 20% collection, 5.5 fold to 3.5 fold passenger ticket to press par value 50% collection, 3 fold the following ticket to cannot undertake return a ticket is mixed change a label! "Want to be inside period of efficacy only nevertheless, although the plane already took off, still can press fixed standard return a ticket. Still can press fixed standard return a ticket..
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