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Aviation of Russia far east 400 air man 350 steward come off sentry duty
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RUSNEWS.CN of Russian new network breaths out Baluofusike on October 24 report: Airline of Russia far east (Dalavia Far East Airways) flight team includes 400 air man and 350 aircrew steward to be cut into parts to retreat since November 1. This airline spokesman discloses this 24 days to reporter of Russian new company.

Regard area of Russia far east as one of the biggest airline, because far east airline is in debt 2 billion ruble and be faced with go bankrupt the crisis, will remove account of this company bank to had been frozen September from this year, have grounding of aircraft of company all flight number from October 19. The passenger that has bought this airline airline ticket is handed in by other airline have a change of luck.

This company spokesman says: "Zhou Wu of company new leader and flight team cite guild interview, inform since November 1 they are cut into parts to retreat, in be in the crisis because of the company. In be in the crisis because of the company..

He still discloses, company staff already 2 months did not get pay, and early beforeAlso did not begin to cash about the acceptance of salary will leaving before the bottom in October.

He expresses, company staff people afraid, before long hind the announcement that most employee will get be paperinged cutter.

Current, this company always shares 3000 staff members.

Early before divulge, airline of Russian far east may be joined new hold water " Russia course " company. In the first phase, airline of Russian far east will abandon his brand, become " Fu Ladi Wo Si holds gram aviation in the palm " the branch of the company. The 2nd phase, this company will be joined " Russia course " company.