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15 companies plane hires China to recombine not to affect the continuance that r
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The international finance of crisis of AIG of parent company of be involved in rents the foreground of the company, with domestic airline be closely bound up.

The report September 15 says American media, american international group (AIG) in may execute next large-scale recombining plan, among them, the likelihood includes to sell its the plane of the firm of banking of wholy-owned subsidiary international that rent rents business to wait. And be in China, include Inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, abbreviation " Na Hang " ) , Inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, abbreviation " country boat " ) the aircraft that 15 airline that wait inside are using wherefrom to rent, can be domestic airline affected accordingly?

"Since AIG happening crisis, we are paying close attention to the development of whole a got-up affair closely all the time. Be in with AIG nevertheless of financial industry childInsurance of firm friendly nation is different, the firm of we and international banking that rent is the come-and-go on business merely, namely we from the aircraft is leased over there it. " on September 24, rao Xinyu of ministry of boat investor concern is accepting the nation " times of an ancient name for China " when the reporter is interviewed, express so.

15 airline by drag in

Rao Xinyu tells a reporter, like the cooperative means of domestic and international most airline, the international banking firm that rent is passed rent or the form of resale, the airline provider that is global each district uses an aircraft, accordingly, country boat is not exceptional also.

Show according to the data, the international that held water 1973 rents financial firm to own many 900 aircraft in all at present, total prices is worth more than 50 billion dollar, in the meantime, it also is the biggest single client of company of the airbus below division of company of Boeing company and spaceflight of European aviation matters pertaining to defense.

The data shows, international finance rents a company to there are 15 in airline client of China, it is a country respectively Inc. of aviation of boat, Macao (Air Macau Co, ltd. ) , limited company of aviation of peaceful of Hong Kong country (Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, abbreviation " Guo Taihang is empty " ) , Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) , Wuhan of Oriental aviation of branch of northwest of Chinese Oriental aviation, China is finite liability company (China Eastern Airlines Wuhan Co. , abbreviation " Donghang Wuhan company " ) , Hainan aviation Inc. (Hainan Airlines Company Limited, abbreviation " Hai Hang " ) , limited company of Dragon Air of branch of branch of Xinjiang of Na Hang, Na Hang, Na Hang north, Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited, abbreviation " Dragon Air " ) , Shanghai aviation Inc. (Shanghai Airlines Co. , ltd. , abbreviation " Shanghai Airline " ) , Shenzhen aviation is finite liability company (Shenzhen Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " deep boat " ) , Sichuan aviation Inc. (Sichuan Airlines Co. , ltd. , abbreviation " plain boat " ) with Xiamen aviation limited company (Xiamen Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " Xiamen Airline " ) .
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