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The whole nation each are big airline is grumous to interest of new line of open
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Yesterday (24 days) in the morning, business affairs of the line of the 5th China that holds in Urumqi, airliner negotiates on the meeting, countrywide each airline shows strong interest to course of open up Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is China to the bridgehead that opens on the west, own the branch line airport with countrywide maximum amount, it is thoroughfare of the traffic in the sky of South Asia of join Europe, Chinese and Western, aviation market accumulate contain tremendous potential. Handling capacity of each airport passenger grows Xinjiang 5 years 3.6 times, achieved 7.7 million person-time last year, already preliminary form " the thing becomes fan, border inside into the net " hub route network. The International Airport is becoming stronghold of Urumqi ground nest country western portal hub airport.

Negotiate on the meeting, come from 46 airport management units of countrywide and 13 airline line of new begin navigation, increase an airliner to wait undertook negotiating, they represent line of airliner of Xinjiang of will timely open up, move toward international big market through Xinjiang.