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Bold innovation grabs boat freight south black water of market white hill passes
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This net dispatch (reporter: Wang Xia of jujube ╂ ? ) September, boat freight linkage fights south, system of innovation freight rate, razzia high-end market, succeed dish of work market of air-freight of the Jilin that is in northeast, Heilongjiang, realized freight income to grow considerably.

Jilin freight: Seize white Shan Songrong to achieve international is new tall

Up to on September 28, income of 8 days of freight grows more than 40% compared to the same period, highest amplitude achieves 117.4 % . Boat freight is in south airborne market hit Jilin beautiful " turn over battle " .

Be in August, the freight sale of Jilin branch encountered cold winter, the ratio of monthly task target that finish was achieved in those days nadir -- 81.5% . How to turn round declining tendency? The market of share freight ministry that is in Guangzhou is in the area sale personnel, Jilin in Changchun branch freight personnel spread out thorough delibrate with the phone. They study supply of goods of the market, analysis, the decision should want beneficial result to market of high value airfreight, growing target lock surelyOn Bai Shan's Song Rong. The goods of loose fine and soft that considers Korea is long Bai Shan basically exports one of ground, na Hang is in Yan Ji, transport power of Korea course investment is far not as good as the transport power of the competitor such as big Han, Han Ya is great, they are integrated the transport power that Na Hang extends auspicious, Changchun to Korea, promoted competition ability with network resource. Back-to-back, they visit consignor of main Song Rong, recommend network dominant position of Na Hang to the client, understand client requirement. For the client the quantity has something made to order personally " Song Rong carries freight product " allow Na Hang freight transport in contention Song Rong mastered speech to counterpoise on airborne market, the innovation of frequency of international freight income that also lets Jilin branch is tall, the implementation of international freight income that shares 7 days breaks up compared to the same period time. Pull here move below, freight income gets growing considerably, shared day income of 12 days to exceed 100 thousand yuan.

Heilongjiang freight: System of innovation freight rate hoists freight income

7, August, the goods mail transportation of Heilongjiang branch is defeated be immersed in trough, appeared even the phenomenon that partial goods mails batch to withdraw motion. Face grim situation, the freight sale personnel of two ground of Heilongjiang, Guangzhou undertook delibrate for many times, the freight manager of Heilongjiang branch still comes to Guangzhou, the development of area sale personnel that manages with market of share freight ministry communicates. After analysing the market seriously, they think consistently, because original freight rate system disrelishs extensive a bit the demand of incommensurate already market, the decision undertakes comprehensive innovation to freight rate system. Freight rate of their cent representative and sold freight rate to make new freight rate system continuously, sell owner of cargo continuously in the light of place the characteristic with large proportion of much, income, sell consignor to be refined further continuously to having, will sell cent of freight rate system to be 3 parts continuously: It is those who face people owner of cargo, the bar that sells bar to use continuously sells freight rate; 2 it is to be aimed at what often deliver goods in Na Hang partly, the owner of cargo that having variety of fixed supply of goods, make constant consignor freight rate; 3 it is the characteristic that be aimed at supply of goods of medicines and chemical reagents is supply of goods of sex of Heilongjiang freight pillar, made deliver goods for a few only the amount is large and the designation that fixed large pharmaceutical factory uses freight rate of big client of horizontal freight rate and core.
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