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The axis in world of mutual argue aviation begins alliance of 3 big aviation til
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Be in American mainland early airline (Continental Airlines Inc. , abbreviation " mainland aviation " ) " betray " the day joins alliance (Sky Team) , make sky alliance (Star Alliance) a when, the United States combines airline (United Air Lines, inc. , the following abbreviation " beautiful couplet boat " ) presiding apparitor Tan Kaixiang (Glenn Tilton) ever forecasted say, beautiful couplet boat and mainland aerial collaboration go out creation the code on meaning of tradition of a kind of outclass to share the collaboration of cooperative agreement to concern, this will be a kind very distinctive abound to concern emulatively again.

And when airline of Han Sha of boat of mainland aviation, beautiful couplet, Germany (Deutsche Lufthansa AG) and Canadian airline (Air Canada) 4 Beijing University on the westMember of foreign sky alliance submits application to American Department of Transportation, the intent is in cross Atlantic line an efficiency is built on the network taller, provide the emulative, aviation that can offer more service, hour and price alternative for the passenger more when alliance, what Tan Kaixiang says the sort of " abound to concern emulatively again distinctly " be behaved more apparently. Meanwhile, also be in in all sorts of news keep emphasizing: This action will be the whole world the joint-stock company pattern that the aviation market of other area establishs to be able to offer follow the lead of.

See not hard from route network plan actually, the complementary sex of network of route of these 4 airline resembles was to reach airline seek old amalgamative plan is same. From the United States for this one party, the operation hub of beautiful couplet boat is located in Chicago and Washington, mainland aerial airliner basically is in new York airport of button made of baked clay gram and cease Si Dui sets out, and Canadian aerial hub is centered in Wengehua and Toronto to wait for Canadian main city.

And the other one aspect of the matter in Atlantic the other shore -- Europe, and the aviation key position that does not say old brand -- London Xisailuo International Airport (mainland aerial crosses Atlantic course to center hereat) , the German Frankfurt key position that beautiful couplet boat and sky alliance had had hub position to expand increasingly, and in Han Sha aerial supports energetically below, swiss international airline (Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. ) key position of Su Li lifetime and Geneva hub also begin to have competition ability more.

Still wear in the tentative idea when airline formed an alliance 2009 when the effectiveness that will bring, policymakers also were not resting. The route network after analysing these 4 companies to form an alliance concludes not hard, what this offers to be sure to cause the United States and branch of European Union antitrust is exceeding take seriously, prep let alone is other antitrust policy constitutor of the country. What can forecast exclusively now is, affirmation of this approval process won't be very fast, impossible also of course very easy.
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