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Boat goes to the country first degrees 4 airline hit Shanghai recruit students "
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Yesterday (26) day, inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, the following abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) the air man that started division length peace recruits job signing up. Because high school is graduate this year,the amount drops than in former years 20 thousand more than person, because this enters oneself for an examination the examinee amount of air man also relatively in former years is reduced somewhat. This year besides Shanghai aviation Inc. (Shanghai Airlines Co. , ltd. , the following abbreviation " Shanghai Airline " ) , Dong Hang and Inc. of Chinese freight aviation (abbreviation " in goods boat " ) outside, inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, the following abbreviation " country boat " ) also be in Shanghai first degrees recruit students, 4 airline will face competition of source of student.

Enter oneself for an examination air man queues up no longer

Yesterday morning 9 when, when the reporter drives Ou Donghang length peace to pilot spot signing up, discoveryThe examinee that comes round to sign up is not much, without the phenomenon queueing up with common in former years, the check at the beginning of the body begins after examinee in twos and threes fills good list. According to statistic, share more than 50 examinee to sign up to area length peace morning the dot signs up. "Enter oneself for an examination from what grow peaceful area in light of the dot, sign up for celebrity number to be reduced somewhat than last year this year. " Dong Hang action flies do director Yan Qi to say, dong Hang and in 2009 year entrust goods boat academy of flight of Chinese civil aviaton, the plan is in Shanghai flight student is recruited in graduate of this year's high school 76, boat of its middle east 50 name, medium goods boat 26, in the whole nation other place recruits 300, after flight student learns graduation, will allocate the flight is engaged in driving in flight department the job. Suffer the amount of high school graduate of Shanghai drops compared to the same period this year the influence of 20 thousand much person, come round to enter oneself for an examination the examinee amount of air man also falls slightly compared to the same period.

Enter oneself for an examination in more than 50 in examinee, have qualification of the 30 check at the beginning of Yuren. The doctor expresses, the main factor that eliminate remains vision problem, although eyesight asks to begin to had dropped somewhat from last year, but many examinee still do not amount to mark. Gu Jiangyang of director of room of medical service of Dong Hang boat expresses, examinee of in former years signs up for celebrity to count a long time, check asks to also can rise accordingly first, but sign up this year examinee gross is not much, accordingly check standard also is met first corresponding and comfortable, must reach the lowermost level that admit by examination nevertheless.
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