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Shenzhen airport drafts scale avian activity graph flies with ensuring safe
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[report from our correspondent] (He Xinyu of Ding Jiaoshu of reporter Xiao Han's reporter) the reporter learns yesterday, shenzhen airport already invited Guangdong to save expert of endangered animal institute environment of periphery of comprehensive survey airport and avian activity. Survey activity will in November the middle ten days of a month ends, and will accordingly scale goes out " Shenzhen airport is avian mobile ichnography " , in order to be on guard the harm with safe to flying flyer, strengthen pair of avian protection at the same time.

Introduce according to Shenzhen airport chief, shenzhen Baoan International Airport is located in inside Guangdong left alone without help is foreign east bank, airport periphery the east is mountain forest, south, north, on the west 3 wait besmearingly for pond, beach. This kind of special geographical environment gives avian offerred those who abound to forage with mobile place, attracted numerous and avian come round perch, breed. However, avian the bird is caused easily to attack incident in airport periphery and the activity in the sky, to aerostat the flight causes safe hidden trouble. According to statistic, the whole nation reported a bird to attack incident 326 cases in all last year.

To defend aviation safety, the airport began a series of is aimed at in recent years avian environment is transformed, obtained apparent effect. And the near future, be worth avian south change height, guangdong of Shenzhen airport specially invite saves endangered animal institute 3 experts, environment of periphery of comprehensive survey airport reachs avian activity, the resident that appears and disappear all the year round to the airport is mixed the incubate ground of group of birds, forage height of the ground, flight line, flight, appear and disappear time make clear label, scale gives avian activity plane figure.