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Lowest of big diving of price of Shandong aviation airline ticket comes 1.9 fold
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House of oil price of home of morning paper dispatch does not fall high, and the airline that regards bad news as oily large family begins to sell in succession however dozen fold airline ticket to answer travel off-season. Yesterday, the reporter understands from many airline of domestic, the airline ticket of each course books the price to be in basically 3 fold the left and right sides, engage time earlier, the price is lower.

According to the staff member introduction of Shandong airline, come since November 1 on December 31, if the citizen shifts to an earlier date 30 days to buy a ticket, can enjoy the 1.9 privilege that lose; Shift to an earlier date 20 days to buy a ticket, 2.3 tuck up; Shift to an earlier date 14 days to buy a ticket, 2.6 tuck up; Shift to an earlier date 10 days to buy a ticket, can buy 3 lose airline ticket. In the meantime, shandong airline still will implement plan of airliner of wintry spring change garments according to the season at will rising on October 26, leave newly and restore Hainan region 6 course, toward Hainan travel can have more choices before the citizen. Additional, many airline such as Dong Hang, Na Hang also hit all sorts of hitting to fold measure in succession, the airline ticket of a lot of course is in 2 fold 5 fold between. Because of the reason that each airline prices plunge, at present the choice is in November or will give the citizen of travel in December apparent increase, the guest rate of a lot of planes achieved 90% above.

Drop as international oil price, airline of abroad of much recently home reduces fuel surtax in succession, but domestic airline does not have activity however. Staff member of Shan Hang tells a reporter, although case of domestic boat oil price is the closest from every tons 8300 multivariate reduced 7800 multivariate, but relatively last year every tons of 5000 yuan oil price, fuel cost is very high still. "Want domestic oil price not to follow only international oil price is reduced, fuel surtax does not fall. " (reporter Zhao Yalin)