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Chinese air force will participate in Zhuhai boat to exhibit a flight to perform
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22 days afternoon, two " curassow " lightly and to, will before exposition of aerospace of the 7th China greatly " ? " pulled greatly " ! " -- , " annihilate 10 " came! Two " annihilate 10 " the item on display that makes the first batch fall to exhibit level ground.

Spread out act to still be less than half month from boat, does so big 1.3 million square metre exhibit level ground to go up what to surprise you still can have? Reporter of ovine wall evening paper interviewed concerned personage recently.

Surprise 1: True fellow is much!

Advanced and homebred money came almost

Boat of previous term or session extends in kind so-called 53, this is 62, no matter dimensions, quality has qualitative flight.

Two " annihilate 10 " , one static easily, that is to say among them one will undertake flying performing; In addition, "Annihilate bangs 7 " (flying leopard) also appear on Zhuhai again, it ever left Jing grand dekko to the audience when the 2nd boat was exhibited 1998; Passed make old ambitious dragon also show a real features this time in boat eventually, be a model no longer; Those who deserve attention is " banging oil 6 " , cheer in the homebred sky that this is us machine, exhibit in boat of all previous China on cheer in the sky that what cheer in performance sky is Russia machine, it is this homebred " banging oil 6 " mix two " annihilate 8D " cheer in performance sky. In addition, the newest model of falcon (03) also can show performance in sky, a boat exhibits it only as the static state. Those who serve as opportunity for combat is straight 9, straight 8, civil straight 11, eaglet 500, Xin Zhou 600, carry 12 it is objective ginseng is exhibited. Can say, current and homebred all already equiped the advanced aerostat of army or exit came almost.

Surprise 2: Air force appears completely!

Chinese air force decides to participate in boat to exhibit in the round

"Homebred whether does machine of objective of the first 100 jetliner ARJ21 play boat to exhibit? " concerned personage says: Very regretful, ability head flies to bottom of ARJ21 next month, cannot catch up with this boat to exhibit. But, of empty guest gigantic without bully A380 is joined not only exhibit, return metropolis God to fly a few rounds everyday, the audience can board the plane even see enough; The numerous and official machine such as bay shedding, diamond, Xi Rui, Pang Badi, Brazil also has sth. worth seeing or reading very much; Car of equipment of the missile in kind that extends the spaceflight inside the house, war increased many, when the car that enter a month is exhibited than a boat big a lot of.

Disclose according to concerning a personage, because air force decides to participate in Chinese boat to exhibit in the round, will set on November 5 for Chinese aviation day, show the actual strength of Chinese air force in the round. So much airlines flies cost is quite high, we appreciate the support of air force very much, also explain boat exhibits this trade to trade platform more and more be approbated by the industrial department of aerospace and army. The business such as appearance of equipment of the aircraft design of this civilian battalion, aviation, electron, accurate component is particularly brisk, nearly 100 ginseng are exhibited.
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