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Chongqing boy abstains a plane 5 years to fly on many meters of 300 sky [graph]
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Groups Chongqing is small abstain a plane to fly on many meters of 300 sky
On October 25, peng Cong drives abstain a plane to take off successfully.
Groups Chongqing is small abstain a plane to fly on many meters of 300 sky
On October 25, peng Cong drives abstain a plane to take off successfully.
25 days, la Jiatuo of Jiang Jinde feeling, peng Cong's aeroboat flies on a sky.

25 days afternoon, drizzle is drizzly, groups of Jiang Jin is small Peng Cong is driving the aeroboat that he expends 5 years of time to make, flew on 320 meters tall sky, finished his first " complete flight " . As we have learned, this plane is the whole nation is worn one by one only by " have a fever friendly " the aeroboat that oneself make. Current, peng Cong already submitted the application that the flight registers to relevant section.

   Highest flew to 320 meters

Yesterday afternoon 3: 10, a small bay in a river of blue home of feeling of river ferry heart on the side of field of a clastic rock, peng Cong wears pair of wheat that tell side, put on airjacket, barefoot entered the plane that stops in bank of the Yangtse River. Very fast, engine gives out tremendous roaring, peng Cong drives side of plane edge river glides, after slipping those who give a radius to be 2 kilometers is big rounds, he is pulled suddenly touch handle, let a plane be climbed quickly up with 45 degrees of horn litre. Pass circuit circuit " gradient circles " hind, peng Cong is flown across eventually thither a many meters 100 tall hilltop, climb arrives 320 meters of headroom. Fly 5 minutes after 11 seconds, peng Cong with a beautiful river face 20 meters " drift " , finished first " complete flight " performance, the journey 5 kilometers.

Peng Cong is the employee of bureau of telecommunication of feeling of river ferry heart, to finish the flight dream when, he from design, production plane begins 5 years ago, learn road-sense, the money that exhausted 150 thousand yuan family belongs and close friend are sponsorred.

"Today's flight be in harmony drank clingy water ' drift ' performance, ' gradient circles ' the performance, it is the complete flight on real significance performs first time. But affect because of what rain, fail to surmount last time height, some are regretful. " Peng Cong says, the flight just debugs a flight previously, but in test-fly before 3 days, him Ceng Fei gives 400 meters height.

   The villager risks rain to wait painstakingly 6 hours

Mr Huang of 50 years old lives in river ferry county, be informed Peng Cong to want to undertake flying performing, came to clastic rock field at 7 o'clock yesterday morning, because rain all the time, the plane cannot take off. Mr Huang waited painstakingly in rain 6 hours. "Already very few somebody is willing to innovate, do some of business, jiang Jin has such boy now, we should support. Qiu Laohan of 60 years old is the farmer that lives around clastic rock field, hear small Peng You wants to fly the aircraft that oneself make, dropping farm work instantly in him of farm, carrying gather dustpan to run to Jiang Bian. "This plane is good very, can sit only namely a person, if can sit 78 people, it is good to send Chongqing to go our home our home entirely. " he says for fun. 20 more than person watched a show to the spot yesterday.
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