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Lowest of airline ticket of 36 course of Na Hang Guangzhou 2 fold
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Information times dispatch (Li Heng of Zhou Tianrui of reporter of reporter king jade Is hope) the reporter learns from Na Hang yesterday, business department of Na Hang Guangzhou is special roll out for the passenger " wintry day amorous feelings swims " buy ticket privilege ahead of schedule, the lowest of many 30 line of domestic that sets out from Guangzhou 2 lose a sale.

Will come on November 8 on December 31, the home that boat Guangzhou sets out south is like 36 course such as Qingdao, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Dali, Xi'an, roll out low to 2 lose roundtrip and favourable airline ticket. "Amorous feelings will swim fall in November " the product buys a ticket 7 days to be able to be enjoyed ahead of schedule exceed low discount, passenger retention is restricted to be 3~7 day, airline ticket does not get an autograph to turn, change, return a ticket.