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Buy a discounted ticket for the press became disabled veterans
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To buy discounted tickets, ticket agent by unscrupulous reporter points into a "revolution in military disability." Songpiao member "home services," waiting for the airport Last night, reporters rushed to the temporary from Beijing, Guangzhou, several familiar points, without exception, the ticket agent, said 30 flights to Beijing are basically full price ticket. At the news almost "desperate" when colleagues, a self-proclaimed "center of Guangzhou, ticketing departure," the ticket agent came the "good news" - they have discount tickets! Reporter did not hesitate to set a piece of 20:00 flight to Beijing CZ3107 8.5 discount air tickets, airport construction fees count 50, a total of 1,500 yuan a whole. At the Baiyun Airport, the reporter saw the ticket delivery clerk. He not only took the reporter's e-ticket, and "home services," to even have to run a boarding pass! Other reporters rushed to the Southern island of the departure hall for D-in counters, waiting to give him ID and boarding pass ready for baggage clearance, trouble came. Checked baggage find themselves "residual forces" the Value of the crew looked at the reporters up and down, and then said politely: "Sir, please show me your" military disability card "that is" revolutionary military disability card "." Reporter shocked. Under the interpretation of the staff, the reporter finally figured out - this ticket is a proxy point to "military disabled persons" as ordered, over security channel must show his "military disability card"; for refund must also produce "Army residual certificate." In order to receive the discount airline ticket, this unscrupulous ticket agent point not only to journalists as a "military revolution", but also allow journalists to "disabled" the. Journalists even more annoying is that this "residual military ticket," the actual price is 900 yuan, a press agency received more than 600 yuan. Check-in staff, told reporters that the things they encounter every day, several, some even without the fake ticket booking record; and other travelers found the time ticket and then contact the other side basically does not answer the phone or simply turned off. Songpiao salesman immediately contact a reporter and told him, see him within 5 minutes if so, will select the alarm. 5 minutes later, reporters at the airport only to see the salesman, but also saw two mysterious man speaking Hunan accent. After negotiations, the press returned 1,500 yuan each, and took the ticket and boarding pass. Then press the counter in the Southern bought the full price of a ticket the same flight. Under the watchful eyes of security personnel to be "questioned" Trouble not over. 20:00 CZ3107 scheduled to take off again delayed until 20:45 before boarding. 21:10, when the passengers complained about the delay in taking off the aircraft, radio rang again: "Now find the people ... ..." the reporter was surprised to find that he is being "find" one of the three passengers. Look at all the passengers and the vigilant eyes, the reporter received a ground safety officers "interrogation" is to ascertain the whole story goes --- "military residual ticket" to blame. Easy booking, a refund may be difficult, ticket ID neither journalists nor "military disability card", goes on "military disabled ticket," not to retreat into, naturally, does not invalidate the boarding pass. As the number of check card number and the actual check-in does not match, the airline for security reasons, naturally, "broadcast to find someone to" the. Travelers face around the eyes to blame, the reporter came over the heart of shame. Puzzling is that this flight load factor is not high, where reporters sat in economy class only about one third to half of the front is not economy class. In this case, through the normal channels can not buy discounted tickets, it is incredible. Is the "Union Ticket" finally worked, or other reasons? If the ticket agent to regulate the market, why would occur only when the "military disabled persons" to buy Da Zhepiao's strange? !