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September briefing civil complaints increased complaints of airport passengers
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Nov. 9, September 2010 Air Transport briefing consumer complaints public, in the month there were 21 valid complaints, of which 15 cases of complaints against airlines, 9 airlines list, the airline not the average rate of complaints maintained for 4 months after the extreme level of 0.00 six, up to seven live births 0.00. This month, the effective aviation consumer complaints on the airport is 5 pieces, the four again last month increased from January to September this year, but the airport is also 15 complaints. The briefing shows that in September the Secretary Civil Aviation Authority, the Regional Authority, Civil Aviation Authority Consumer Affairs Center and the China Air Transport Association, 116 consumer complaints were received, of which an effective complaint 21 year on year decrease of 8 cases, more than Last month also decreased by 7. But the list also appeared on complaints from airlines, airports and more complaints of many types and other new features. And the first 8 months of this year, only eight airlines up to inform the list of complaints board is different from a complaint in September to nine airlines, including Air for the first time this year the list of Tianjin, with the Yunnan Lucky Air, Shenzhen Airlines , Sichuan Airlines a complaint rate over the extreme of 0:01, and good performance of the three aircraft in September are also good, Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, although enjoy the fun list, but ranked sixth in the list, the seventh and nine, China Eastern's complaint rate is only the extreme of 0.00 second, making the airline an average of 0.00 complaints was extremely VII. The types of airline complaints, in September there were 8 categories of 10 subclasses of complaints, including complaints fare transportation services to persons with disabilities is the first complaint is, the occurrence of one. August there had been complaints from the regular passenger service representation during the month, but also a. Flight problems and baggage related complaints are still popular, in September, and 2 each in 4 pieces, reservations, ticketing and boarding class in the last month, rushed to the top after the type of complaints, September occupy the second place position, the occurrence of three (press inquiries found that although this type of complaint in the first half of the briefing in the third list is the type of complaints, but in July began with the flight problems, baggage transport of these two complaints "predecessors," the growing gap between small). One of the complaints from the airlines Lai Kan, aviation consumer complaints about baggage problems decreased in July, August, consumer complaints against airlines baggage were 6, 3, and September only two . But look at the September briefing consumer complaints of air transport part of the airport, people's good mood is mostly dark moment go. September, the airport's five valid complaints occurred in about three and luggage - luggage question on civil aviation consumer complaints on this total reached five - which occurred a Xi'an Xianyang Airport lost luggage complaints, Xichang Qingshan Airport and Urumqi Diwopu Airport baggage delay the occurrence of a complaint. The other two were ranked the airport Beijing Capital International Airport (Ground Transportation Complaint) and Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport (complaints on other issues, not specifically pointed out.) Vertical perspective, effective September airport complaints created a monthly record in 2010, the first half of this year there were an effective complaints system, but also five. Of concern that, after 1 month of the airport effective complaint also reached four. Slightly reassuring that the September consumer of air transport sales agencies have dropped the complaint, occurred only one month for the Tibetan Reception Center in Chengdu Tianchi ticket agent two ticketing service problems.