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Hainan Airlines international flights to launch promotions in winter and spri
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The author from Hainan Airlines (Hainan Airlines Company Limited, referred to as "HNA") marketing know, near Christmas, New Year's Day, international flights will usher in a small season, to full Foot the majority of domestic tourists to travel abroad, to visit relatives, the demand for exchange and cooperation, Hainan Airlines to Europe, North America, Africa, launched a number of promotions on international routes, more promotions and prices are as follows. In Europe, individual purchase of fourteen days in advance = Brussels, Beijing, Beijing = Budapest, Beijing = Berlin, Shanghai, round trip economy class air ticket = Brussels can enjoy the following benefits: 1 December 2010 1 2011 Specials from 20 January 3380 yuan, 2011 January 21 to February 28 and from the special 3500 yuan, 2011 March 1 to March 31 and from the special 4000 yuan; Beijing = Moscow in November 2010 1 to December 31 economy 2600 yuan from special tanks; Beijing = Moscow, St. Petersburg, Beijing = 2011 年 1 January to 31 March 3500 special round-trip economy class and up. In North America, November 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011, after departing from Beijing go to Seattle in Vancouver, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Portland, Calgary and other cities, the Special round-trip economy class 3500 and up. In addition, Hainan Airlines will be November 27, 2010 = Toronto non-stop flights between Beijing, which will be opened in Hainan Airlines of China's first direct international flights to Canada, is now available to sail Promotional price from 4,800 yuan. The route from the Airbus A340 wide-body aircraft to fly deluxe, flight number HU7975, HU7976, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to fly, time for the 13:00 flight from Beijing, Local 13: 40 arrived in Toronto; return time for 15:40 local time, starting from Toronto, Beijing time 18:55 (next day), arrived in Beijing flight takes about 13 hours. Africa, Hainan Airlines was November 17, 2010 = Cairo, Beijing opened direct international routes, special economy class one-way sailing 3200 yuan, from 3,800 yuan; business class one-way 8,500 yuan, from 13,800 yuan Seq. Meanwhile, from Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Dalian, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai (Hongqiao), Shenzhen, Wuhan and other cities starting in Beijing go to Cairo by the passengers free domestic economy class section, the domestic section of business class only To pay 1,000 yuan. Prices do not include airport fees and fuel surcharge, due to the special fares for each flight into a limited number of proposals to purchase travel plans of passengers in advance.