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Hotel fare with your machine than gold cabbage
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The reporter learned from some travel agents know the city, as winter approaches, most of the domestic tourism market into the off-season, but the off-season price of tourism products vary widely, and some cheap tickets like "cabbage price", and some hotels, such as expensive "gold price." International travel journalists from Tianjin, Tianjin Golden Dragon International Travel Service, Tianjin Asia Ctrip International Travel and learned that because the off-season, some popular routes start sharply lower ticket prices, and even many hundred tickets, especially the most popular previous period routes between Tianjin and Shanghai, Tianjin Guangzhou route, now also began to ultra-low cost, such as round-trip ticket between Tianjin and Shanghai, the basic daily 3 to 4 fold the ticket. Tianjin to Qingdao is also a discount of 2 to 3 fold, the price is 130 to 200 yuan ticket, air ticket from Tianjin to Dalian, a lot can also be found 2.7 fold, the ticket prices as low as 200 yuan. Some visitors said that the price of tickets, and more affordable than the train. In contrast, a number of tourism projects in winter but prices, especially in the hotel, forming a "bird" effect. It is understood that the recent tourist hotspot in Hainan Sanya hotels rose significantly, including 4-star hotel in Sanya, the average price of 100 yuan more expensive than usual, generally more expensive 5-star hotel close to 200. In addition, the northern ice area hotels offer travel soaring, Harbin and other places in the hotel prices are higher than previously expected to be in late December when the hotel prices will generally rise. According to insiders, Yabuli, Erlongshan other famous ski resorts generally open in mid-November, the general will continue to next March, during a snow and ice travel season, particularly in January, February most popular . Yabuli early December of the current hotel prices have risen, the average 4-star hotel prices from 500 yuan weekdays up to 800 yuan, 3-star hotel prices rose from a generally less than 200 yuan to 500 yuan.