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Fuzhou, a group of people buy tickets after the payment accused of also transfer
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Purchase discounted tickets on the site, the results encountered fraud, Fuzhou Xu cheated some one thousand, and ten thousand dollars inside the card balance has almost fall into the trap liars. Looking back this experience, Mr. Xu said straight "good risk." 15 at noon, Mr. Xu through the "Where" Site Search to fly to Fuzhou, Jinan, a special ticket. Xu through links to find sites that provide tickets and successfully booked a ticket. The site can provide tic kets prompted to dial the 400 free phone Xu and customer service personnel. Mr. Xu, after contact with the customer service staff, customer service requirements of Mr. Xu to the bank ATM to transfer through the ATM to pay the way, Mr. Xu also did. He paid 1,000 yuan transfer ticket costs. When Mr. Xu again call the customer service calls, customer service personnel told Mr. Xu has been successfully paid air fare, but Mr. Xu also need to be prepared to obtain a ticket at least 10 million balance of a bank card in the ATM machine to confirm operation. Mr. Xu a bit shocked, there was such a strange requirement? However, airline tickets are paid, Mr. Xu had continued to do so, the customer service asked Mr. Xu do not hang up the phone, in accordance with the customer service, "pointing" operation ATM ATM. Mr. Xu in accordance with the customer service of "instructions" to operate, when the customer service requirements of ATM ATM Xu click on the "Kaka Transfer" button, Mr. Xu had suspected, the interrupt operation, the staff immediately to the bank for help and called the police. Anti-cheat Tip: Okurayama police said, the first payment for the tickets of the transaction is big risk, even if the chosen tickets after the first payment must guard against the so-called trading patterns of customer service required by the "direct" form of operations.