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Be as long as the crisis of strike of burst of negotiation of labour and capital
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Because fail to increase obtain employment to ensure sexual requirement to reach with respect to what labour union puts forward,agree, american Boeing company (Boeing Co. ) announced a few days ago with union official, the negotiation burst of the strike that to end Boeing nearly 27000 mechanical division commanders amount to a month. Both sides all expresses, did not decide when to hold new round of negotiation.

Difference of labour and capital is bigger still

The labour union with the biggest Boeing is organized -- the labor contract that international machinist and aviation worker association reject to accept Boeing to offer before this, the vote at the beginning of September goes on strike, this the strike will be the 2nd this labor strike since 2005.

27 thousand members of international machinist and aviation worker association express, reject to accept Boeing to offercontract. According to this by a definite date contract of 3 years, union member is closing amount is acquired inside the corresponding period the raises of 34000 dollars and bonus. Union negotiates to say on behalf of the warning before polling, once labour union holds the strike to won't stop, the place that unless Boeing can satisfy labour union,offers is conditional.

Mark Blondin of the member that presiding aviation industry coordinates international machinist and aviation worker association this Zhou Yi (13 days) express, although both sides undertook several times meeting in weekday and Zhouyi, but reach in contract language allow contractor to reach component pay directly the contract respect of assembly line, bilateral difference still very big. Blondin says, both sides undertook a few talk things over, this expectation these negotiation can produce a few results, but on the problem that causes unemployment of 2000 union membership possibly one of these day in future in, both sides did not gain headway.

Face market challenge

Boeing is in charge of the vice-president of manpower resource holding presiding negotiation concurrently to say on behalf of Doug Kight, considering the challenge that current commercial environment and global market face, this company hopes the as can biggest as its labour union comes to an agreement before this, but he also expresses, boeing cannot sacrifice to reach an agreement the capacity that its increase productivity and long-term competition ability continuously.

Say on Jianbuhui that Boeing business also was in Paris a few days ago with Randy Tinseth of vice president of plane market department, boeing predicts to be in about 2009 second half of the year will must offer more financing for plane sale. Tinseth expresses, airline did not raise financing requirement 2008, boeing banking firm is plane sale to offer financing recently is 2006.
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