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Cheater of self-given airline president sells a project to enrol accumulate weal
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"Bang -- " row visit an official, of the world big, without surprise not to have. Today's " strike the table " say no longer " secretly " , change taste recantation " cheat " . Should say today this two " horn " , can compare " sell abduct " the Zhao Benshan in more can flicker.

Without reason of for no reason says Shang Qiu wants to build an airport, then self-given airline president, sell " project " cheat a boss, still enrol kite of empty elder sister greatly. The result was cheated 1 many year 840 thousand. So large issue dare make a holiday, still fooled so much person, and do not have a thing one many year. Is the thing after all what kind of? Fasten urgent, listen to us to speak of from the beginning --

Yellow River airport is about to leave build 100 thousand protect gold to be able to contract to do a job

The word says in April 2006, a message is troubled by bubbling with noisely in Shang Qiu, namely " Shang Qiu plans to want to build civil airport! " where should be the airport built? How to build? Fare how? Common people cares these problems. In can you participating in its? Have new business chance? Bosses care these problems more.

Han Wen of boss of company of engineering of Hua Wei construction of business grave town (alias) ever also had considered these issues, can be he does not understand, also do not know how to should intervene. And in this moment, participation opportunity searchs actively actually come to come.

Look for the friend Zhang Mou that those who come is Han Wen. A day of April 2006, han Wen receives the telephone call that Zhang Mou makes to him, the main content of the phone is to let him help look for a few workers to decorate the office. In conversational process, zhang Mou discloses to Han Wen " the project of Yellow River airport wants not to want to work, profiteer possibly " .

Face the Zhang Mou that pretends to be mysterious, han article nature is uncertainty, this topic also with respect to discontinue.

After a few days, the bridge is built to fall in Zhang Mou's pull wires, han Wen comes " limited company of aviation of airport of business grave Yellow River " president, direct grows Zhang Lian (alias) the office. Zhang Lianna gives " about Henan province hair changes appoint batch of article that with Shang Qiu municipal Party committee rebuilds to Yellow River airport " red head file looks to him.

The governmental official seal of brilliant red is very marked, return after the file with " Shang Qiu city holds airport headquarters part-time to lead functionary personnel list about the leader " , and the file such as the conference summary that business grave municipal Party committee attends a meeting.

Building an airport is true! Han Wen thinks, this is how old a project ah, once contract,come down to be able to earn a lot of money.
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