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Phone of difficult differentiate of true and false of electronic passenger ticke
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National Day is the gold period of leave that close friends accompany gives to travel all right, but many passengers encounter the awkward situation that cannot board the plane smoothly however, what had planned originally is itinerary be forced to change or cancel. Should be originally Shu Xin, happy itinerary the experience that also becomes irritated heart. Producing this kind of unfortunate account is a passenger bought sham electron passenger ticket. A few passengers because covet is cheap, act as agent through the low that sends out on the driveway the telephone number on airline ticket small card, ordered oneself to give the electronic passenger ticket of travel.

Will rise on June 1 from this year, declare of paper airline ticket retreats city in the round. After electronic airline ticket is enabled in the round, multiform sham electron passenger ticket also begins to emerge in endlessly, the passenger's rights and interests shined again and again red light. This among them with " black " the representative sells a passenger case of sham electron passenger ticket with low most outstanding. Passenger ticket of alleged and sham electron, namely " black " the representative gives a passenger the false information that order a ticket. "Black " after the representative is accepting a passenger to order a ticket, make false journey sheet give a passenger, of collection passengerCharge, actually the information of the passenger that order a ticket did not input computer, also did not enter the system ordering a ticket of airline, the passenger depends on sheet of sham electron journey, nature cannot board the plane smoothly!

The true bogus problem of electronic passenger ticket has become a passenger to give a safety, great psychology worry. How to avoid to buy false electron passenger ticket to become all passengers to give the job that cares very much before travel. So, how is ability safety bought true, and the electronic passenger ticket of discount ideal? China's biggest electron passenger ticket pays platform business to collect a traveller visitor reminds below Fu Tian, the safest and convenient way is to land each airline website to undertake disbursement ordering a ticket, what fall through collecting Fu Tian is ask to pay gateway to undertake disbursement after ordering a ticket, collect the success that every brushstroke will assure to trade below Fu Tian, and ensure fare information inputs airline in time revise ticket system, ensured a passenger successful, safe board the plane.

For more convenient service at cannot getting online because of a variety of reasons the passenger of airline ticket of choose and buy. Inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) collect Fu Tian to issue creativity ground to make a China jointly first aviation phone pays a system, the passenger needs to dial one electrify word only achievable airliner inquiry, airline ticket is bought and charge pays whole process. The passenger dials Na Hang after information of 95539 inquiry airliner, after confirming the pertinent information that buys southern aviation airline ticket, boat customer service can turn the phone into automatic speech to pay a system south, the passenger hints according to speech, finish bank card to pay a process by oneself, the passenger's account reachs password information to keep secret completely during, need not worry about the discharge outside information.
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