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Often will fall in love with adventure to move 83 years old headroom of blind ol
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According to British media coverage, england 83 years old of old ladies Li Jiwei of · of bright red favour is said to do by people " adventurous grandmother " , because since her after passing 60, fell in love with all sorts of adventure motion actually. Zhuen is almost binocular nowadays all blind, but she undertook parachute of headroom of life first time in England a few days ago.

Adventurous motion is fallen in love with after 60 years old

According to the report, the Li Jiwei of · of bright red favour that is 83 years old suffers from on one kind to be called " Huang Ban degrades pathological changes disease " the eye is ill, she loses the sight almost now. However Zhu En stays faineantly without the choice in the home, play however had adventruous parachute campaign.

It is reported, zhu En is done by person " adventurous grandmother " , because of her from 60 years old later, began to fall in love with all sorts of adventure motion.

Memory of bright red favour says: "When me year full when 60 years old, I think: ' I ever had a lot of lofty aspirations and great ideals, I never had gone abroad before, had not learned a car to drive, but I can go after the life that has not come true to dream to the top of one's bent now. ' "

Zhu EnSign up above all learned to remove taekwondo, , she obtained the orange chatelaine of taekwondo, although she is in fistfight training and leap,bumped into a few rib. When 75 years old, she fell in love with marine dive again expeditionary; When 80 years old, zhu En drives actually an autocycle, with horary 90 miles rate appreciates had car of high speed violent wind!

83 years old of headroom play parachute jumping

Nowadays Zhu En of 83 years old although eyesight degrades badly, nearly blindness, but the upper air that she takes a plane to arrive at 3000 meters, play the headroom parachute that removed alarmingly dangerous stimulation.

This is the first headroom parachute that undertakes in lifetime of bright red favour, she and parachute jumping coach jump down a plane together, one before one hind multiply safety of a parachute to descend to the ground in all. Zhu En says: "Undertake headroom parachute lets me feel special excitement, I am a person that loves risk, although I had accepted operation of buttock joint displacement, but my body is very healthy still. But my body is very healthy still..

It is reported, zhu En is England in recent years popular " adventurous grandmother " one of, er of Ni · Wen Na also is in Yvonne of another British old lady all sorts of expeditionary activities were fallen in love with when old age, include to undertake headroom parachute, swim together with the shark, learn antique " tiger moth " the plane.

Pass money of be apt to of parachute jumping collect
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