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Quirk! The passenger built bad flight number to be able to pass through all the
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Late on October 14 6 when make, taiyuan citizen Mr Liu was ascended in Shandong power sea those who fly to Taiyuan is big new China limited company of rapid movement aviation (Grand China Express Co. , ltd. , the following abbreviation " big new China rapid movement " ) GS7476 second airliner.

That evening 9 when after making plane fall to the ground, his mobile phone was received " Wuhan welcomes you " short message, but he was not cared about. After next planes, mr Liu edge walks along an edge to want: "After fierce old airport is transformed, as expected much more beautiful. As expected much more beautiful..

Subsequently, his taxi preparation comes home, tell a driver: "I should kiss garden of ground of beautiful of virtuous north street. " the taxi driver asks him with dialect: "How does the route go? " driver of his ask in reply: "Where person are you? How to know even the way? " the driver looks at him to say with interrogative eyes: "I am Wuhan native. "I am Wuhan native..

After-thought has the short message that just gets, mr Liu looks carefully again all round, day, those who make him fab is, what he flies to is Wuhan the Milky way actuallyInternational Airport, he went to Wuhan actually! Is this how to return a responsibility after all?

Hold to Mr Liu of Taiyuan temporarily boarding check, went up to fly to the airliner of Wuhan

Mr Liu recollects his seize the opportunitying carefully to experience, be the plane is in via stopping did the issue give when Jinan?

Original, GS7476 second airliner is in the road that flies to Taiyuan from power sea, in the evening 7 when make 15 minutes via stopping Jinan, the passenger should leave a plane when plane classics stops. Reach Jinan Yao wall after the International Airport, because the airliner leaves boat to exhibit a building further, passengers build those who multiply the airport to ferry the car will to boat exhibit a building to await machine, the staff member sent a piece of brown paperboard to every passenger, as go up subsequently the proof of machine.

In the evening 7 when make 17 minutes, mr Liu went the closet that boat exhibits a building to await machine hall. Late 7 when make 20 minutes, he comes out from closet. "At this moment, I am faint the classics that hears to Taiyuan is being flown to in the announcement in broadcast stops a passenger to board the plane please, just come down to awaited the passenger of machine not to see sign together, I think they had boarded the plane for certain. Then, taking the paperboard that just sends, come to queueing up to go up of machine board the plane mouth, the staff member looked, let me go in. Subsequently, I am sitting to ferry the car comes to lower part of plane hanging ladder, the platoon is in of the team entered a plane finally. The platoon is in of the team entered a plane finally..
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