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The Jing inside messtin shows boa " evil-minded " pet embargo carries
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This net dispatch (reporter: Thunder of Wei of week of? of crusty pancake  ) on October 20 in the morning 10:36, stand in Guangzhou goods 15 machine mouth, ground of fix eyes on of small Cheng Zheng of the member that boat freight ministry installs check south is staring at computer screen, chase an airliner goods that inspects a batch of Guangzhou to reach Harbin. Abrupt, a batch of the name of an article are an electron advocate board, file and the assembled goods to cause him attention that advertisement draws, look from the picture that X shows on machine solely, he discovers to there is a case inside small paper box, lading in the box a doubtful article. Stem from occupational acumen sex, xiaocheng decides to undertake to content of this piece goods box is checked. Outside opening paper cautiously with special tool when him hind, there is the plastic case of a rectangle inside discovery, after he opens a box carefully, the snake of decorative pattern live body that one treaty weighs 3 jins greets his eye awesomely. Experience card is a Burmese boa that serves as pet. Xiaowang reported a circumstance by the program instantly.

It is reported, to ensure passenger safety, snake kind it is the live body animal that southern aviation joint-stock company prohibits controlling useOne of. Occupy the Yuan Xiaocheng that install check to mirror, ever also had discovered such as poisonous spider, scorpion before such " pet " . Finally, violate a ban " pet " already returned consignor and showed a case patiently.