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French airport try out " systemic fluoroscopy scans " install check to draw on c
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Recently, one is concerned whether to need to install check point to execute in the airport " systemic fluoroscopy scans " the topic of security measure, make the central point that Wu of country of European Union member and attorney general summit discuss on the meeting. According to France " the Parisian signs up for " 24 days of reports, blue coast airport installs Ni Sitian of city of French south travel to check point will install systemic fluoroscopy scanner and be thrown pilot move, the 4th after this also lets France become afterwards England, Holand, Switzerland agrees to use " systemic fluoroscopy scans " the European Union country that brings check.

According to article introduction, this kind of scanner is OK will board the plane the passenger undertakes systemic fluoroscopy installs check, the meeting that the staff member sees on indication appearance is the passenger's stark-naked form, the illegal article such as such any weapons, drugs in form of escape of the nowhere on passenger body. And the scanning wave of this kind of pinpoint accuracy even the passenger " concealed private parts " expose clearly also on screen. "Without doubt, the individual privacy that should install check measure to encroach a passenger badly counterpoises " , can discuss in the peak in, absolutely mostlyAssemblyman of several European Unions expresses to this draft resolution " accept hard " . Discussion resolution says, any measure that install check should be checked have " degree " , if undertake in order to raise the airport to the passenger for safety " excessive " person examination, will have the mind that is contrary to to democratic society is protected and respect right of citizen individual privacy, news advantageous position and character right.

Bring the extensive criticism of check means anew to this in view of the outside, the explanation of official Antonio Tajani of general affairs of traffic of responsible European Union says, whether accepting systemic fluoroscopy to scan is voluntary action completely, the passenger can choose freely or refuse. New systemic fluoroscopy scanning just brings one of check kind, and rather than is carried out compulsively. In addition, any scanning pictures won't be withheld, won't undertake filing more. He returns complement to say, what often undertake at present is artificial " search the person " the means that install check lets many hotel feel very uneasy, already a few passengers express to be willing to be finished through scanner more install check.

The article points out, commit a crime to European Union drug trafficking in view of West Africa the activity is more and more rampant, airport custom just considers country of European Union member to raise the airport to connect the security that involve with more advanced clairvoyant scanner. But to this reason, many French peoples still express to be agreed with hard. Western music of a place of strategic importance says, stranger lets see any organs of her body through the instrument in the airport, it is the serious harm of pair of her proper pride, she is unthinkable the female of Mohammedan religion belief can be what is experienced. She thinks this is consciousness of concerned branch safety too " cranky " . Also the passenger expresses, although install check means newly to more or less can affect individual privacy to counterpoise, but at present the airport undertakes take off a shoe, except chatelaine and artificial " search the person " the method makes a person uncomfortable likewise, and delay longer.
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