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Take care on the plane! 10 thousand meters of headroom also have " 3 hands "
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Golden sheep net, Guan Tianfu of reporter of dispatch of ovine wall evening paper, reporter Liu Zhirong, Zhao Hao reports: Yesterday, public security bureau of airport of Guangzhou white cloud uncovers case of the theft on especially big machine one case, experience record amount is 123000 HK dollar. Airport police warns a citizen, also want to notice belongings is safe by air.

Eve 13 when make, victim king gentleman takes scheduled flight of Hai Hang HU7379, fly to airport of Guangzhou white cloud from Taiyuan.

When the plane below preparation, mr Wang takes the satchel on next rack, feel weight becomes light however, open packet of examination then, discover 123000 yuan of Hongkong dollar disappear without trace unexpectedly. Mr Wang immediately calls the police.

Policeman of police station of boat station district receives public security bureau of white cloud airport alarm hind, begin case investigation to obtain evidence instantly the job. Search through young canvass of nearly 9 hours, the policeman is ferrying the victim discovered on the car by the 123000 HK dollar of pilfer, discover 3 Henan believe open book man to have suspicion of case of serious your work, seize its then, turn over gumshoe detachment.

Via trial of policeman the same night, 3 crime suspicionPerson Yi Mou, Shi Mou and Xia Mou steal the guilty fact of 123000 HK dollar to admit to gang respectively.

Original, 3 human affairs first make choice of carries out theft on this airliner. They conspire, in flight route, take the advantage of the machine that the victim sleeps soundly by Yi Mou, its brown satchel is taken out from inside baggage cabin, the seat is answered to seek property after. After discovery has a large number of ready money inside the bag, yi Mou gives the bag instantly the Shi Mou that already waited in toilet doorway. Shi Mou takes out hind of a huge sum of money inside the toilet, again in the satchel replace baggage cabin the victim. Xia Mou whole journey is in charge of keep watch.

See the victim discovers cash to begin to search and be called the police by pilfer hind, situation is urgent the Shi Mou under takes the advantage of a person carelessly, will total cash loses a passenger to ferry the corner of the car, the plan looks for an opportunity to come back to take.

According to preliminary examine, the partnership on the bus that suspect of these 3 crime ever went to Luoyang in Zhengzhou at the beginning of this month steals, shi Mou ever still was in Nanjing to had carried out theft to the train of Shanghai 2006.

Current, 3 crime suspect already by airport public security bureau lawfully criminal is detained. Airport police reminds masses: There also is thief on the plane, valuable should be carried, if be put in rack,go up not to leave range of oneself line of sight.
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